Contact lenses for Myopic vision

I started to wear power eye glasses right from my childhood as I had got a myopic vision which also in local terms known as shortsightedness in my eyes. I had to wear very thick and small glasses and it affected my looks. Only a few years ago I came to know about the usage of lenses and hence I started using them as a replacement for my eye glasses. But in recent times I got a visual condition called presbyopia and that was I needed to wear glasses of two different power combinations known as the bifocal lens or glasses.

I could even find a lens replacement for the eye glasses that are used under such visual conditions. But those contact lenses were very uncomfortable for me. Fortunately, I came to know through internet about the acuvue 2 contacts which were much softer contact lenses and also I was able to order and buy them online. These contact lenses for all costumes are suitable for all attire.


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