I Hurt My Back Playing Baseball

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but that was the first professional I thought of when I hurt my back sliding into third base. I guess I thought I was a professional baseball player instead of a slightly overweight 40 year old accountant, but that is easy enough for any guy who has been watching baseball his entire life to do. I knew that something was wrong as I limped to the bench after getting an out, and I also knew that I was going to find a chiropractor in Sacramento.

There have been times in my life where I hurt myself, and I knew that it was just going to take some time any maybe a heating pad to make it better again.

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I Need to Be Able to Travel on Foot Easily Without Back Issues

One of the things I did first when I moved here was to find a San Francisco chiropractor for myself. I had been seeing one for years in my hometown, and I felt that it would be impossible to go without seeing one here. I have had too many problems with my back to not find one. This is especially true now that I will be walking to work. Around here, most people who have cars are people who come in from other cities. Those of us who live within the city itself walk often. And that means that you need to stay fit and strong.

I had always wanted to move to California, and I made it my mission to make it happen. I saved for so many years. Of course, this state is one where you need to make sure that you have a job where you can afford the cost of living. So, I went to school for 8 years to become a veterinarian. I have loved animals all my life, and I also knew that it would be a profession that would allow me to make enough money to live most anywhere that I want and not have to depend on anyone else. I am a pretty independent person, and not needing someone else to pay my way has always been important to me.

When I moved here, I found a place pretty close to where my new business will be. But I do need to walk quite a way to get to the train that will take me to other portions of the city. While there is a small food store nearby, I have to walk 20 minutes just to get to the train station, and then another 20 minutes to get back home again. This is just one reason that it is really important that I don’t have any back troubles.

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I Was So Tired After Giving Birth

I had not been feeling well after giving birth to my first daughter. It was not that I felt sick, because I didn’t. I just did not feel good. I had several people tell me that was normal after giving birth, but it seemed to linger on with me. I knew that I had to do something because I was flat out exhausted at the end of the day. It had nothing to do with my daughter, because she was just perfect in every way. A good friend suggested that I see her Sacramento chiropractic doctor as she thought he would really be able to help me out a lot.

I wanted to feel better, so it made sense to go ahead and make an appointment. She had told me about her regular spinal adjustments, and how they make her feel so much better. If she misses one of them, she can actually feel the difference in her body.

That is why she goes at least once a month to the chiropractor, and I felt I had nothing to lose by going there as well. I made an appointment for later that week on my husband’s day off from work so he could watch our daughter.

I felt silly at first when I got there. I had already explained the problem briefly when I called to make the appointment, and I knew I had to go into further detail when I got there. I almost felt like a bad mom for needing help! Thankfully, the chiropractor was very nice and understanding, and he had me feeling comfortable and no longer self conscious within minutes. I had my first spinal adjustment that day, and I went a few more times over the next month. That made all the difference in me! I now go at least once a month like my friend does, and I am a huge believer in chiropractic care now.

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Sore Back from a Fall

I hate having to rush to class in the morning, because I have to pedal as fast as I can on my bicycle without hitting anything or getting hit. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with only 10 minutes to get to class, and it normally takes me 20 minutes to get there. I took every shortcut I could think of and did everything but break the traffic laws. Right as I was getting close to the class building, I fell off my bicycle. I still made it to class, but I needed a chiropractor in University Place much later.

I was able to get up and lock by bicycle with just a minute to get inside. I sat through the entire class period, and as I did, I felt a pain in my back that would only keep getting worse.

I was wincing through the entire lecture that my professor was giving. While I was taking notes, each movement of my pen caused immense pain. The professor couldn’t see this because I was all the way at the back of the giant lecture hall in a class of nearly 100 people. I was counting every second of every minute during the class period, hoping that the hour would finally be over.

As soon as the class was over, I gathered my things and unlocked my bicycle. I was in too much pain to bike all the way back home, so I just rode the bus. Once I made it home, I made an appointment with the chiropractor, took some aspirin, and laid down for the rest of the day. I didn’t bother trying to sit at my desk and do any homework or read notes. The next day I saw the chiropractor and got the treatment I needed.

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A Chiropractor is Making Me Feel Better

One minute, I was driving down the road, listening to some music and just happy to be done with work for the day. The next thing I remember was immense pain as I looked at the pile of cars around me. A drunk driver had run a red light, and he hit six of us. I was the first one hit so I took the brunt of the impact. I knew exactly what a jack in the box felt like after that, because I had the worst case of whiplash. Thankfully, a chiropractor in Pleasanton was able to help me recover from that.

An ambulance took me to the hospital, and they kept me overnight for observation. I had pain meds through the IV, so I didn’t realize just how much it was going to hurt when I no longer had that. Before getting released, the doctor advised me to see a chiropractor, which I had already planned on doing. (more…)

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Back Pain in Beverly Hills is Like Back Pain Everywhere else

When you think of someone going to a Beverly Hills chiropractor, what do you imagine? Do you imagine movie stars who may have strained their backs doing Pilates, or do you imagine a guy like me who keeps the infrastructure of Beverly Hills running? And when I say infrastructure, I really mean it. I am talking about what everyone needs, and that is the sewer system. Without it, the stink rises quickly no matter how rich the residents are. I hurt my back managing a concrete section of sewer piping that was big enough for a man to walk through standing up. It was being hoisted by a crane.

Normally, one man can push or pull on tons of weight suspended by a crane to get it to rotate on the strap holding it up. You can tilt it a bit up and down too when the strap is right at the balance point. We were fitting two sections of pipe together, and I was maneuvering the pipe. I slipped while really giving it a tug and wrenched my back.

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Time Was Running out when I Finally Found Relief


I really did not think much about not being able to work in my first 30 years of life. I took it for granted that I would have no trouble doing so until retirement age. But one day, a car clipped me when I was out riding in a bike path, and I ended up having long term pain. So much so that the only thing that helped me was a really good San Jose chiropractor a few months back. Without that help, I really do not know what would have happened. It got scary for awhile when I found myself needing to take off so much time from work.

I have always been such a hard worker.


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