A Chiropractor is Making Me Feel Better

One minute, I was driving down the road, listening to some music and just happy to be done with work for the day. The next thing I remember was immense pain as I looked at the pile of cars around me. A drunk driver had run a red light, and he hit six of us. I was the first one hit so I took the brunt of the impact. I knew exactly what a jack in the box felt like after that, because I had the worst case of whiplash. Thankfully, a chiropractor in Pleasanton was able to help me recover from that.

An ambulance took me to the hospital, and they kept me overnight for observation. I had pain meds through the IV, so I didn’t realize just how much it was going to hurt when I no longer had that. Before getting released, the doctor advised me to see a chiropractor, which I had already planned on doing. I had never seen one before, but I knew that a chiropractor was the best person to help me mend from this. I was expecting some pain, but I had no idea the pain that was going to follow me until I started seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis.

Because I was in the hospital and needed to be looked at quickly, the chiropractor that I contacted first told me to come in that day. That was the first sign that I chose the right chiropractor, but it was definitely not the last. I ended up getting a series of adjustments, but I also had other therapies, including massage. I felt good a lot sooner than I expected, but I did not stop going to the chiropractor. I had learned too much and knew that I still needed to go so I could feel even better. I am no longer in pain, but I still go because I want to continue to improve how I feel all over.